How to Make Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

After an unprecedentedly challenging year, we are charging into 2021 with resilience. When honoring the tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions, we can incorporate our commitment to the environment. Read on for some inspiration for January 1st. 

This year make resolutions that challenge you while benefiting yourself and the planet. 

  • Lessen your meat intake: No need to quit cold turkey if you aren’t ready for that. However, you and your family choosing to participate in things like Meatless Mondays or eliminating red meat from your diet can have a great positive impact on the environment that will build over the year. 
  • Give yourself zero waste challenges: The little things add up! Challenge yourself to remember to decline disposable silverware when grabbing takeout, make coffee at home instead of grabbing that drink in a disposable cup, or clean your home with reusable rags instead of paper towels. 
  • Get into gardening at home: Whether you have a sprawling landscape or a small planter box, there’s potential to grow produce to supplement your meals. Some low maintenance winter favorites include beets, carrots, kale, and squash!  
  • Make sure your home is lean and green: Now that we are all finding ourselves at home a significant amount of time, it’s a great opportunity to make sure our homes are as green as our businesses. This can include switching out old lighting for LEDs or making sure your cleaning products are certified non-toxic. 

Be patient with yourselves. As we have learned as a network, it is not about some of us practicing sustainability perfectly 100% of the time, but rather about all of us practicing sustainably the best that we can. We may fall off the wagon from time to time, but we’ll have created strong resolutions that will hopefully turn into habits following us past 2021. 

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