‘Tis the Season for Sustainable Gift Giving!

‘Tis the Season for Sustainable Gift Giving!


The holiday season is in full force all around us. As you and your family prepare for a jolly (albeit nuanced and socially distanced!) holiday, don’t forget to add an eco-friendly touch when gifting.  Here are some green tips to keep in mind: 

  • Think green giving: Be kind to the Earth and the people on your Christmas list. Eco-friendly gifts include things like upcycled jewelry, reusable cutlery sets, aesthetic mason jars for storage, or reusable water bottles. 
  • The gift of experience: Giving an experience can be a great alternative for the holidays.         Although some activities may be difficult to do while social distancing, there are still many options that will lead to great memories! Know someone who is diving into the world of cooking during this lockdown? Try virtual cooking classes. Here is a list of potential options at various price points. 
  • Get crafty: Bestow presents with a homemade touch. The online tutorials for such ideas are endless– bottle cap art, homemade body scrub and bath products, baked goods, or even aromatherapy rice heating pads. Try browsing Sustainable Cook’s list of homemade items for some inspiration! 
  • Give with purpose. Living in a time with access to the instant gratification of online shopping, we often find our homes brimming with “stuff”. Rather than purchasing your loved one a generic trinket with no use, think utility. Does Grandma love to garden? Get her personalized gardening gloves with her name on them! Not only does this avoid creating waste, butit also is more personalized and thoughtful. Every time they use the item, they will appreciate it even more. 
  • Wrap it up: Rather than breaking the bank to purchase expensive wrapping paper that is meant to be torn and tossed, opt for a sustainable alternative. Got some brown paper bags from when you forgot to bring along your reusable tote to the grocery store? Utilize your stash of shame by slicing it up and wrapping your gifts with it! Add some twine for a sleek and earth-friendly look. Old newspapers work too. Another option is the ancient Japanese practice of Furoshiki, a way of wrapping gifts with cloth. This is an easy way to customize your gift using material that is likely already around the house, as well as keeping material out of the landfill. Furoshiki cloth can be reused by the recipient for many purposes such as wrapping gifts for the next occasion, wearing as a bandana, or using it as a reusable cloth napkin. Learn more.

Remember to shop local to support small businesses (and Green Businesses) in your community!

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