How Do I Get Certified?

Step 1

Contact your Program Coordinator

Call or email program coordinator Lars Davenport: (805) 652-4595; LDavenport@cityofventura.ca.gov to learn about some of the requirements and benefits of the Green Business Program. You will also set up a time for an in-person meeting at this time.

Step 2

Sign up!

Click on the "Let's Get Started" link below. This will give you access to the checklist you will need to complete to become certified. Be sure to select Ventura as your city, and the appropriate business sector, to get access to the right checklist. Click through the checklist and complete as much as you can. Any questions that come up will be answered by your coordinator when you meet in person.

Step 3

Meet with Coordinator at your Business

Your coordinator will verify your answers to the checklist, help you through any parts that were tricky, and give suggestions for what changes you could implement to meet the program requirements. At the end of this meeting, you will have a short list of changes to make to become a Certified Green Business!!

Step 4

Make Final Changes

Make the few remaining changes to your business practices. This could be changing some light bulbs (don't worry, there's a rebate for that!), finding an eco-friendly cleaning product to replace a harmful one, or developing a plan to encourage your employees to use alternative transportation. Your coordinator will help you with this!

Step 5

You are Certified!

Once your coordinator verifies that you have met the requirements of the Green Business Program, you will receive a sticker for your window, a logo for your website, access to a promotional toolkit to spread the word about your business and your certification, you will be listed on the California Green Business Directory and Shop Green app, and you will be put on the list to be recognized by the mayor at a City Council meeting!

Don't forget to complete your Green Business Profile, so that our Google Adwords campain can direct new customers to you!

Sounds great! Sign me up.