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COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently open and operating as scheduled. COVID-19 has changed our lives and business in many ways, not to mention quickly. We hope that by sharing our efforts to keep our customers, our employees, and our service safe it will create a small sense of comfort and relief in this unimaginable time. In today's ever-changing environment, and to help you with your junk and trash removal needs, we’ve introduced two new contactless services and implemented a number of health and safety precautions. We are now offering:
1) Curbside Pickups (Receive 10% Off)
2) Virtual Estimates

For the health of you and our service professionals, we’ve also put some additional precautions into place to make sure your junk removal experience stays as safe as possible, such as frequently sanitizing high-touch surface areas, wearing gloves and masks, and more. You can read more about the precautions we have implemented on our website.


Nixxit is a full-service junk removal & hauling company servicing the Bay Area. Our team will remove any unwanted items quickly and efficiently and is backed by 10+ years of industry experience. We offer in-home pickups, property cleanouts, business services, donation-pick-ups, appliance and furniture removal, yard waste removal, and more. Nixxit is a passionate advocate for sustainable disposal and early adopters of our local communities' zero-waste implementation plans. We believe sustainability is best judged by a disciplined, systematic evaluation of what we are hauling away to assure that things are either donated or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The outcome is a more sustainable future.

Why We're Green

We are proud to say that Nixxit has pioneered a new way to get things into the hands of those who truly need it. Traditionally, donations are dropped off by other haulers at large well-known local donation centers, where many of your items are either re-sold for profit or go un-used and are then taken to the landfill. To avoid this route at all costs, over the years we’ve built up a large resource list of local non-profits, people in need, local schools and teachers, and more.

​You can count on us to handle the labor, sorting, loading, unloading, and transportation of your items. You donate, we deliver to those who can benefit the most from the items.

We ’re committed to working towards meeting a landfill diversion rate of 80%.


Thriving communities are everyone’s responsibilities, including our own. To us that means that as a junk removal company, we are in a unique position to do something more. We see ourselves almost as the liaison between our customer's waste and the landfill. We act as a third party and make every effort to make sure it doesn't get there.

In an effort to meet our 80% landfill diversion goal, we systematically evaluate everything that we haul away to assure that things are disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. As experienced haulers, when we walk into a room we simply see things a little different.

We have learned what can be broken down and recycled, what contains hazardous pollutants, and what can be re-homed and given a second chance at life. Just a little bit of extra effort every day from haulers can make a huge difference at reducing landfill accumulation and we've committed to doing our part.


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