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Enervee empowers all of us to make energy-smart buying decisions – wherever and whenever we shop. We do this by eliminating longstanding market, financial and psychological barriers that prevent consumers from following through on their aspiration to buy clean, efficient technology that will cut energy bills and mitigate climate change. The Enervee Marketplace relies on proprietary, industry leading Choice Engine® technology, powered by data and behavioral insights, scientifically proven to make energy efficiency actionable. Our suite of solutions provides a seamless, personalized user experience spanning efficient products, clean vehicles and integrated demand response and behind-the-meter distributed energy resources.

Why We're Green

Enervee encourages other Certified businesses to use our free Choice Engine platform when replacing equipment: choose.enervee.com
When we moved our company to a shared WeWork space, we realized that we could no longer buy green electricity from LADWP; in fact, we couldn't even get energy consumption data. During the certification process, we approached WeWork to see what we could do, but they, too, were not sub-metered for the two floors they occupied (in a 7-story building) and paid a prorata amount to the building owner. We pursued these conversations with WeWork's Global Head of Sustainability & Impact, and they committed to standardizing future leases globally to pay their own energy bills, which will have a much larger impact than our own in-house actions in Culver City.


Sustainability considerations were the driving force behind Enervee. While working hard to make it simple and compelling for all of us to buy energy efficient consumer products and clean, electric vehicles, we also do our best to "walk the talk" in all of our business decisions.


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