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Enervee delivers the world's most advanced suite of applications and services to energy providers, engaging residential customers in intuitive energy-smart purchase decisions throughout their homes. Other certified businesses might benefit from using our choice engine platform when replacing equipment: choose.enervee.com

Why We're Green

When we moved our company to a shared WeWork space, we realized that we could no longer buy green electricity from LADWP; in fact, we couldn't even get energy consumption data. We approached WeWork to see what we could do, but they, too, were not submetered for the two floors they occupied (in a 7-story building) and paid a prorata amount to the building owner. Another challenge was finding an easy way to track our business air travel emissions; we couldn't find a good software solution (proposed to Expensify, and they liked the idea, but no idea if they pursued it), so we ended up creating our own spreadsheet tool. If anyone knows of a good solution for tracking small business air travel emissions, let us know!


Sustainability considerations were the driving force behind Enervee. While working hard to make it simple and compelling for all of us to buy energy efficient consumer products and clean, electric vehicles, we also do our best to "walk the talk" in all of our business decisions.


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