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CiaoCiao PetCare - Dog Walking

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Professional dog walking service in Irvine & Newport Beach, specialized in walking small groups of dogs and dogs that are difficult to walk on leash. With pick-up & drop-off included in our service, we offer a more convenient & fun alternative to dog day care.

Why We're Green

CiaoCiao PetCare wants to do its part to protect this beautiful planet for future generations and their canines, and it wants its clients to have the option of choosing a dog walking service that matches their values, too. The Green measures that we have put in place include using recycled and unbleached paper products, earth-friendly cleaning products, and refillable toner; saving water through low flow aerators; saving energy thorough LED lights and insulation of hot water pipes and cold suction lines; preventing pollution and reducing waste by using rechargeable batteries, refillable coffee pods, and integrated pest management.


What attracted CiaoCiao PetCare to the Green Business Network is our call for living a sustainable life and for providing a green dog walking service that works well for communities and the environment, through a quality program that allows businesses like ours to stay competitive while staying true to our beliefs.


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(949) 237-8789


38 La Ronda, Irvine, California

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