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elemental mktg is a PR & Marketing agency connecting bold, purpose-driven brands and sustainability thought leaders with a broader audience. We represent businesses pushing the boundaries within their industry, developing new ways of operating with strong ESG plans and values.

Our world is craving meaningful work, fulfilling careers and products or services with larger purpose. We share a vision with our clients who are building businesses that enrich communities, the environment and the health and wellbeing of people and the planet

We advocate for brands making a positive impact on individuals, communities and the world through strategy development, media relations, social media management, strategic partnerships, advertising, and more. We amplify our client's purpose-driven messages and take a proactive approach to meeting their goals

Why We're Green

Our business exists virtually. Based in Long Beach, CA, we provide services to businesses with HQs in Norway; The Netherlands; Minneapolis, MN; Santa Cruz, CA; Idaho; Delaware, and beyond. We've adopted green practices wherever possible including the elimination of printed paper items unless absolutely necessary, using compostable waste containers, participating in local recycling programs, utilizing green cleaning supplies, ordering snacks from Imperfect Foods, utilizing an electric car for company commutes, and more. We look for ways to improve and lessen our footprint while nourishing ourselves and our community.


Our business is built to promote the green economy by providing PR & Marketing services for sustainable businesses. Whether the client's initiative is for social good, environmental impact, or both, we are there to help them amplify their message.


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