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Geosyntec Consultants is a consulting and engineering firm that works with public-sector and private clients to address new ventures, complex compliance problems, and challenging regulatory issues involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure. Established in 1983 as an employee-owned firm, Geosyntec has grown to a staff of over 1,200 professionals who serve our clients from over 80 offices throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Asia. Geosyntec currently maintains a staff of approximately 280 full-time employees in California, of which approximately 165 full-time employees are in Southern California.

Since 1990, Geosyntec’s Huntington Beach office has been providing environmental and engineering services on a wide-variety of projects throughout Orange County. Our long-standing presence in Orange County, and in our work with various local clients and agencies, has allowed us to build top-tier specialty practices to meet our clients’ needs. Our corporate culture and philosophy are to pursue a goal of consistently delivering high-quality technical work product and continuously improving upon our work for clients.

Why We're Green

Sustainability at Geosyntec is integral to how we operate our business on a day-to-day basis, including sustainability of our natural resources, as well as sustainability of meaningful careers for our employees since our founding over 37 years ago. It is based upon a “ground up” attitude, not a “top down mandate.” Sustainability is good for our business health, as well as our communities and the environment. Sustainability at Geosyntec is viewed by our leadership and staff as vital to our business operations, the communities where we live and operate, and the environment. Accordingly, our goals are to:

• Internally and externally use, develop, protect, and enhance human and environmental resources in a manner that enables people and the environment to collectively meet current and future needs;
• Comply with environmental, economic, community, client, and employee requirements and regulations;
• Recognize, promote, and celebrate employee and client ideas and accomplishments that support sustainability;
• Use Geosyntec-sponsored research and development projects intended to develop more sustainable technologies for solving complex environmental challenges; and
• Provide guidance to continuously improve sustainable practices throughout the firm.
These goals and the strategies we promote are intended to provide our staff with tools to accomplish sustainable practices within their workplace, throughout the firm, and within the communities in which we live. Our Sustainability Policy statement is available for review at:
https://www.geosyntec.com/about/sustainability-policy. We also believe that our project work to address complex issues affecting our environment and communities improves our world and provides for engaging careers for our diverse group of employees. These same employees are involved in community outreach programs and are active participants in Geosyntec-sponsored philanthropic events. Examples include beach cleanups, annual efforts to purchase and prepare personal supplies for foster children, sponsorship of the local chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, and Geosyntec’s program for donating to a charity selected by each employee at milestone service anniversaries. Geosyntec also sponsors and encourages membership in professional societies for each of our technical staff.

For our day-to-day operations, our business practices include:
• Project meetings hosted at a local office in a walkable area that encourages staff to walk, bike, and use public transportation;
• Web-based meetings to decrease commuting to the extent practical;
• Electronic deliverables to decrease paper usage and energy needed to produce and transport documents;
• Re-usable materials and reduction of waste from paper and single-use supplies;
• Switched faucet aerators and shower heads to ones with low-flow, GPM;
• Strive for a paperless office operation and use only FSC-certified, recycled paper products;


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