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Jolly Sailing

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Jolly Sailing provides Southern California residents and travelers with adventures on the Pacific Ocean. Our 32 ft Ericson sailboat can accommodate up to six passengers. A USGD certified captain mans the boat, and guests sit back and enjoy the ocean spray, sights of sleeping sea lions, and sunsets as wide as the horizon. Passengers are welcome to bring their favorite snacks and libations and go for a swim.

Why We're Green

Our charter boat business is sustainable thanks to the type of vessel we invested in - a wind-powered sailboat. While a small amount of fuel is needed to enter and exit the marina, we neutralize its impact annually through the purchase of offsets. Jolly Sailing uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, LED lights, and our captains bike to work. Last, between charters, our captains use a pool net to remove the trash floating near our gangway. Though we know our efforts are small in a problem that's enormous, we feel it's our duty to take action on removing the plastic that is within our direct reach.


"We understand that careless human activity has devastating consequences for marine life and our climate. Making sustainable choices is apart of our everyday life, so of course, it is top of mind when it comes to making business decisions." -Kayla Jolly


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Long Beach, California

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