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We make organic superfood raw nutrition bars, energy balls, and wellness bites packaged in Eco friendly boxes and 100% compostable and biodegradable plastic bags and Kraft pouches. the kitchen equipment includes a food processor, measuring spoons and cups, silicon Matt, scale, and a trays and eco parchment papers. We don't use processed food nor any GMO products. My main vendors are BlueMountain Organics for sprouted nuts, and seeds and Amazon for most other ingredients and product packaging materials, azure standards for dates, and essential organics for puffed rice, Nashville wraps, Glerups, clear bags, and paper marts for packaging boxes.

Why We're Green

I had to purchase 100% recyclable office papers and paper towels to become green certified.


having a Persian ethnicity, I grew up in a sustainable minimal plastic/paper/food/water waste environment. Growing up, my family was very cautious about our environment. So, for me being sustainable in my household and in my business is second nature and it's not unique to my business model. It's a very thing I do in my everyday life.


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714 Orange Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813, Long Beach, California