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Scary Good Coffee

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Scary Good Coffee is a pop-up coffee shop that focuses on cold brew-based drinks and roasted coffee. We want to empower everyone to drink good coffee at home and on the go while showing representation for women and other historically excluded groups in the coffee world especially queer women of color.

Why We're Green

The coffee industry creates a lot of waste because of the reliance on single-use cups and individual portions.
We started Scary Good Coffee knowing we wanted to have an environmentally and socially responsible business so we knew there were things we could modify in order to remain committed to our mission. We encourage people to visit us by walking or riding a bike when possible. We accept personal cups to pour our drinks in. We have eliminated unnecessary waste such as individual wrapped items and straws. We use compostable, recycled, and alternative materials as much as possible to create our drinks and coffee. We want to promote sustainable living because it is another way to serve and nurture our community.


''We want to show people that you can have a business and be sustainably conscious about the environmental impact we all have. We often think about the big picture and that can be overwhelming but we can still make an impact on a smaller scale. We hope to make the world a better place one cup of coffee at a time.''
- Nancy Alvarez - CEO/Co-Founder


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(747) 236-3008


712 Orange Ave, Long Beach, California

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