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LTSC Community Development Corporation

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Founded in 1980, Little Tokyo Service Center provides culturally sensitive social services in Little Tokyo, South Bay, and the greater Los Angeles region. Dedicated to neighborhood preservation, Little Tokyo Service Center has built over 950 units of affordable housing often in partnership with local community organizations. A major anchor institution in the historic cultural neighborhood of Little Tokyo, Little Tokyo Service Center is committed to preserving its unique character and legacy for future generations. We mainly utilize several web-based and server-based programs to record and track our progress with clients. Besides computers, our main electrical use are copiers to print and scan documents.

Why We're Green

"Fundraising events that involve food generate a lot of waste. For LTSC's annual Sake and Food tasting event we have implemented many waste saving ideas including giving all guests reusable sampling cups, refillable water bottles and utensil kits with a fork, spoon and chopsticks. We also have LA DWP pick up our glass sake bottles at the end of the event for recycling." - Development Team "In the past, we've consolidated multiple servers to a "virtual machine" hosting server (rather than having separate servers), and results in cooler server room, less electricity for A/C too." - IT Team


"To eliminate the need for storing paper, we scan everything & store it on our departmental server. Original documents and all mail correspondence are shredded and recycled." - Asset Management Team "Our educators teach the children about ways to sustain our planet. Children learn about recycling, composting, and growing gardens. Teaching a little one early on is crucial for developing respect for our environment." - Child Development Team


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(213) 473-3030

231 E. Third St, G-106, Los Angeles, California