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“The Modesto Chamber of Commerce is a local business association. We solve problems and speak out for commerce. As a member, you join 1,100 other businesses in our efforts to make a difference.” While you’re busy running your business, the Modesto Chamber of Commerce is taking action to improve the local business climate. Staff and volunteers keep this door open between the Chamber and our local, state and federal elected officials. We testify before councils and boards and maintain a constant dialogue, so our voice is heard. We also have representation on numerous advisory groups and committees, addressing topics such as waste water treatment, business license tax, utility users tax, utility costs and various local ordinances.

Why We're Green

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce has always been advocates for "going green" and encouraging our community to do the same with our Stanislaus Green Team. Our mission is to help coordinate a collaborative effort between private businesses, municipal and county solid waste divisions, economic development professionals and the entire community of Stanislaus County. It only made sense for the chamber to be certified and continue to spread the word and be the best example to other local businesses in Stanislaus County.


Simply put, by assisting businesses in “going green” will not only reduce their costs of doing business, but it will also help the environment and move the Stanislaus County economy forward.


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1114 J. Street , Modesto, California

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