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Pizzeria Halt

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Pizzeria Halt was founded to bridge the gap between people’s love for pizza and health issues. With vegan/veggie lifestyle on the rise as a result of an increased cancer, heart problems, and lactose intolerance, Pizzeria Halt was brought to life in order to provide customers with carefully selected ingredients and healthier cooking alternatives.
9.7 million, and growing, Americans have adapted the plant-based diet. With our corporate restaurant located on the west coast, we are part of the top 20 cities for vegans and vegetarians as ranked by Forbes (Sweet, 2020). There is affordability for consumers and adaptability for entrepreneurs to invest in a vegan-based pizza restaurant.
To ensure top level service, our management team works hands-on to provide customers with a friendly atmosphere. Our knowledge of ingredients, 100% animal by-product free, and safety regulations results in a clean and safe environment for our team and customers.
Are you looking for a unique vegan/veggie pizza franchise? Would you like to operate a business with a highly experienced management team? If so, this is the opportunity for you!


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(209) 622-0579


3440 Mchenry ave Suite D10, Modesto, California

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