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Laura Kleman, Garden Consultant

Home & Building Maintenance|Landscape Design & Maintenance


I offer organic, sustainable, and regenerative garden care, consulting, coaching, and education specializing in food, herb, flower, craft, and native plants. Whether you are interested in a few plants in pots on a patio, raised beds in a yard, or a small food forest, I will help you create a beautiful, productive, healing garden for you, your family, your business, your community, and the earth.

Why We're Green

We implement, share, and encourage environmentally friendly behaviors such as zero waste practices, natural methods for building and healing soil, water conservation methods, and careful material sourcing. Examples include composting, mulching, plant guilds, drip irrigation, companion planting, organic plant care, cover crops, rainwater harvesting, swale and berm building, alternative hardscaping, and sourcing organic, sustainable, local, recycled, reused, and nature based materials whenever possible.


My mission is to heal body, mind, spirit, and planet one garden at a time and my dedication to sustainable and regenerative behaviors and processes is an inherent and essential part of that mission.


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(520) 306-6326


Oak View, California