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The ECO Store

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The ECO Store provides products and services designed to help people make environmentally positive choices. We do everything from graywater filtration, rain water catchment, artificial turf installation, back up solar and power, storage systems and home evaluations to refills of biodegradable soaps and detergents, and non-toxic cleaning products. Our goal is to help everyone make environmentally conscious decisions that benefit budgets and our world both locally and globally.

Why We're Green

Being a good steward of our environment and our scarce, precious resources is an important and influential choice each person can make. We want to provide opportunities for people to make wise choices and offer education, direction and guidance in many different areas.


Sustainability is the goal of our business. The ECO Store is a subsidiary of Ecological Conservation Outfitters, Inc whose goal is education and implementation of ecologically-sound products and services.


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(805) 500-5636


460 N Ventura Avenue, Oak View, California

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