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With holistic approach we provide a non-pharmaceutical solutions to health and wellness

Why We're Green

There is no planet B. Being organic part of the environment lies at the heart of the medicine that we practice. When setting up our business we factored in green approach and sustainability from the beginning as one of the key factors: paperless office, use of only organic and re-usable products, minimizing our waste footprint.


I am the owner of the Sage Place, and I had a vision of being a Green Business from the beginning. We often talk about “burden to the business” as if this is something insurmountable. It is not. When you design your business with sustainability and green foot print in mind - your execution strategies are factored into your business model. My main concern was mounts of paperwork commonly generated by medical offices. I evaluated many solutions and selected an EHR platform that allowed me to operate paperless from the beginning. Use of technology and interoperability of technology solutions had improved in the recent years, so there is no excuse to running offices on paper. The rest are the purchasing decisions - I use 10 pack needles instead of single use, post recycled paper and sheets on my tables, organic and natural cleaning products and environmentally safe sanitizers. I replace plastic wherever possible with reusable glass products, and of course - recycle.


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