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General handyman. "Truck" (car) runs on biodiesel made from 100% recycled veggie oil. Handyman is fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Fixing stuff so it can be used again since 2006. Electrical, plumbing, drywall, light carpentry. Rekey locks, repair appliances, assemble furniture, install blinds, replace lights fans doors, caulking, fence repair, concrete work, even the occasional auto repair. If it can be fixed, I can probably fix it.

Why We're Green

Vehicle runs on 100% biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil. Careful "hypermiling" driving techniques makes the most of this limited resource.

Handyman is vegetarian, home office is solar powered, water heater is instant, and all the other environmentally things...

For hauling runs absolutely anything reusable will be separated out of a hauling ("dump") run, box by box or bag by bag, sold, donated to reuse/thrift store, or if necessary, posted on Craigslist "Free" section and given away individually.


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Richmond, California

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