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Rare Device

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Rare Device is an artist-focused gift store and gallery in San Francisco. The storefront is filled with lovely, approachably designed gifts for yourself, your friends, and your family.

Every object in the store has its own story, and has been chosen because it is either handmade, well-designed, useful, beautiful or all of the above. The aesthetic is modern and fun while remaining warm and inviting - design that is accessible to all. Many of the wares are locally produced, handmade creations and there are also a wide variety of internationally created items. Some things you'll find at Rare Device: housewares, art prints, jewelry, gifts for babies and kids, cards and stationery, and little treasures for those hard to surprise and please.

The gallery within the storefront hosts rotating art shows and community events, including book signings and workshops. For our gallery and in the shop, we look to showcase up and coming artists with great talent who are trying to say something bold in the world.

We’re open everyday and shopping on our website is available 24/7 at raredevice.net.

Follow us on Instagram @raredevice for daily inspiration. See you soon!

Why We're Green

Rare Device has always been dedicated to protecting our environment within the community and on our planet, but the journey of becoming a Certified Green Business has helped us to be even more conscious of how we operate. Each one of us makes daily decisions that impact the earth and we commit to lessening our footprint as much as we can.

We’re proud to sell creations made by local artists, not only to celebrate and support our local community, but also to reduce the transportation and packaging impact that comes with ordering from more distant makers. In the interest of variety, we do offer products coming from all over the world and in these cases, we reuse the packaging when shipping to our customers and offer the larger boxes to our community to be reused for packing and moving. We’ve had all LED-lighting throughout the shop for many years and we now use paper products, including our shopping bags, with at least 40% post-consumer waste recycled content. Each member of our team is trained on how to conserve resources, dispose of items in a responsible way, and we offer bike parking for staff and customers alike. Also, having our front door right at a busy 24 Divisadero bus stop means that we often help community members navigate the local public transit system!

We feel so fortunate to be in a city that values the environment and are proud to be a Certified Green Business.


We knew that we wanted to become recognized as a Certified Green Business but were pretty intimidated by the process. The checklist seemed incredibly daunting so we put it off for a long time. But Kevin Kumataka at the SF Department of the Environment made it so approachable! He was able to communicate what we needed to change, readily available to answer any questions we had, and he also celebrated what we were already doing. He truly made the process easy and even fun. Thanks, Kevin!


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(415) 863-3969


600 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, California

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