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Stroller Spa is a parent-based internationally-licensed company that specializes in Baby Gear Cleaning, Authorized Repairs, Rentals and Sales.

It all started with the desire of one mother to personalize her stroller, and then eventually evolved to a hub in the San Francisco Bay area where mothers flocked to not only customize their little ones’ sweet rides, but troubleshoot stroller problems – everything from broken brakes, bent chassis’, flat tires, torn fabric and more.
Stroller Spa then began cleaning and detailing strollers and car seats as more parents wanted a newly refurbished ride for their little ones, particularly subsequent children.

To better meet the needs of their growing customer base, Stroller Spa soon added The Stroller Exchange, Rental Services, and Bubble Wrapped! – Baby Gear Storage Solutions programs.

In 2011, after serving over 1,000 customers, Stroller Spa saw a way to fill a need for other moms to carve their own paths as business owners while still maintaining a presence in the home. They opened up their doors to women who were interested in owning their own Stroller Spa Detail + Repair Shop, and were met with a flurry of inquiries.

We are a company that is fortunate to have the opportunity to help other familes by providing a service that we believe is useful, meaningful and beneficial for the world that our children live in and we hope that you do too!

Why We're Green

We’ve been Eco-friendly from day one! Our founder started the business in her own home where toxins were a no-no, and we continue to use the same gentle methods and Earth-friendly products a decade later!

All of the products that we use are Eco-friendly, Biodegradable and unscented but we are are also big fans of all natural essential oils and use them in our own homes. If you would like a sampling of any of our products or aroma therapy oils that we use, please contact us at: orders@strollerspa.com.

In addition to using Earth Friendly products in our cleaning and repair processes, Stroller Spa also believes in Renewing and Reusing like no other. What does this mean? It means that every piece that comes through our doors is completely refurbished to look and run like new. With the example of your stroller, we completely strip off the fabric and hand-wash it, we buff out the scratches in your chassis, we take off all of the wheels and pick them clean, we scrub the foam, buckles and straps and completely sanitize the entire stroller before piecing it back together and giving it a complete tune-up, lubrication and shine. The entire process takes hours, is all done with love and it shows!

So whether you have a new addition on the way and have a second hand stroller, want to spruce up your old stroller for subsequent children or simply want to sell your gear and have it cleaned and certified (Yep, we do that too – never buy a lemon again!) Stroller Spa can help!


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3566 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, California