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Just 4 Fun Party Rentals Santa Barbara, is a locally owned and operated party and event rental business, serving the local Santa Barbara area since 2007. We believe in building community, celebrating each other and honoring life’s rites of passage.

Equipped with a robust party rental inventory, we are poised to help you realize your event to the fullest. We carry a large variety of party rental products for your enjoyment. This gives you party rental design options when it comes to event rental style, color, texture and theme. Therefore with something for everyone and every event occasion, Just 4 Fun Party Rentals of Santa Barbara covers your special event or wedding rental needs.

Why We're Green

Just 4 Fun Party Rentals, Santa Barbara is an eco-friendly, sustainable, community-oriented and local business since the day we opened in 2007. We make every effort on a daily basis to recycle, repair, and reuse our rental products.

We are a family-run micro business. As such, we are an extension of the people we serve and we are aware of our impact. We take responsibility for our local and global, social and environmental exchanges. We aim to make our exchanges as eco-centric and eco-friendly as possible. Consequently, we are passionate about protecting the environment and hence we follow sustainable practices – both in business and at home.

Our business, J4F, is the ultimate green business. Rental companies in general are inherently green due to the nature of the business model. Rental items are used and re-used over and over again. Rather than purchasing plastic or paper products for one time use, customers rent items that can be washed and re-used by the rental company. Rental items have a longer life span and use less natural resources. We reuse each product as many times as possible while maintaining our quality standards. Once we’re no longer able to reuse a product, we make every effort to recycle it. The “three R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) really should have a fourth “R” — Rentals!

At J4F our efforts towards environmental preservation include:

Saving Water – through low-flow washing machines and low water use cleaning practices,
Saving Energy – through conscious electrical use and purchasing and using energy-efficient equipment,
Recycling – as much as possible,
Reducing Waste – always,
Reusing Items – such as hangers and packing boxes,
Donating Items – to charities and people in need,
Re-Purposing Items – if they don’t meet rental standards,
Buying Locally Sourced Items – whenever possible,
Hiring Local Staff,
Driving Fuel-Efficient and Low-Emissions Vehicles – and mapping the most efficient routes for our delivery trucks.


Reuse and save is our mantra!


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721 E Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara, California

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