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Care From the Heart

Health & Wellness|Assisted Living & Nursing Care


Care From The Heart started in 1995 with two employees, three clients, and one referring partner. As of today, Care From The Heart has served hundreds of families within our community. By placing their trust in us to care for their loved ones, these families have forever enriched our lives.

Care From the Heart is family owned and operated by Jeff Tucker, a firefighter, and Jackie Tucker, a nurse. Our vision is to serve families in need of care giving with gratitude, dignity and respect.

When you contact us, to inquire about our services, a licensed nurse or case manager is available to speak to you to discuss proper utilization of services and available resources. Once we are able to determine your needs, we can make arrangements to conduct a complementary care assessment, either in our office or at your home. Our Case Manager is able to assign a member of our team to provide care to you, or your loved one, within a 2-3 hour window. We pride ourselves on our ability to staff assignments on an emergency basis.

During COVID-19: Our office has remained open to further assist our neighbors in need seven
days a week, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Our Nurse on-call is also ready to assist on a 24/7 basis.
● We specialize in serving families who may be experiencing health-related
● Available services include assistance with memory care, medication
management, mobility enhancement, personal hygiene, meal preparation,
light housekeeping, transportation, pet-friendly, and case management. We
accept long-term insurance.
● For more information, please call (831) 476-8316, or visit our website.

Why We're Green

At Care From the Heart, we try our best to lead by example. We are taking the effect that businesses and commerce can have on the environment, as well as the local communal networks that they operate with into consideration as we work to become a role model for other Home Health Care Agencies and Offices in the Santa Cruz area. In doing so, we have been able to establish mutually beneficial relationships with fellow, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and community organizations.

Most importantly, the premise of ‘Going Green’ remains appealing to us so that we can protect our environment for future generations. We would like to keep the planet livable, and if possible leave the world better than we found it. The small steps that we take now towards Going Green will make all of the difference for our current communities, businesses, and future generations alike.


Going Green creates a healthier environment for our employees - not only their literal physical health (what with the reduced use of hazardous chemicals, air pollution, and greenhouse gases), but by prioritizing their mental health as well. By practicing mindfulness in our business’s carbon creation and consumption methods, we are priming and fostering community-based individuals who continue to exemplify environmental ideals in several other aspects of their lives, outside of work. Another example of this is our incentive-based carpooling and bike-to-work programs; those who participate are entered into a raffle with monthly drawings.

Going Green also comes with a lower overhead cost - we are now on track to have lower monthly [utility] bills; as well as heightening our office’s organization and reducing waste/clutter via a specialized inventory of unbleached, recycled-content containing goods and appliances.


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(831) 476-8316


3141 Paul Sweet Road, Santa Cruz (unincorporated), California

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