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At Brooklyn Charm, you are the designer. We are an interactive jewelry shop where our staff designers help customers pick through everything from chain, metal charms, crystals, gemstones, plastic & glass, rare dead-stock vintage finds, and even custom engraving to create one-of-a-kind, custom-made jewelry. Made on the spot! Whether we are assembling a piece for you or you are taking the supplies home to make your own jewelry: you are guaranteed to walk away with a personalized creation.

Brooklyn Charm opened its storefront in 2010 in the heart of the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY. It expanded to Manhattan in Chelsea Market, as well as a small franchise in Japan, and has now ventured out to the west coast of sunny Ventura! We also operate jewelry workshops in town and pop up booths in various arts-and-crafts festivals and markets throughout the year.

Why We're Green

At Brooklyn Charm Ventura we are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly practices and are always eager to learn how we can do better in that area. Although we use plastic materials and bags in our business, we do not consider any plastic "single use." We take all packing materials that we receive in our shipments such as bubble wrap and mailers and cut them down to be reused on the shipments we send out. We also clean plastic bags on a monthly basis so they can be reused and recirculated throughout our store. In addition to recycling paper, hard plastic, glass and aluminum items, we also recycle all of our soft plastic as well.

As a green business we have pledged to only buy recycled paper products from this point on, ie; paper towels, toilet paper and copy paper. We love giving new life to old and discarded things; the majority of our in-store displays are thrifted and vintage items, most found locally in Ventura county! We have incorporated an environmental policy statement in our employee handbook and are looking forward to the future where we can brainstorm and learn more about how we can increase our efficiency and decrease our impact.


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442 East Main Street , Ventura, California

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