Rebate Form

  1. CAGBN in partnership with CalEPA is pleased to offer rebates of up to $500 per business.
  2. The rebate can be used to defray costs for services and / or items.
  3. Purchases must relate directly to a measure on the Green Business Certified checklist and measure IDs must be included. To find the measure ID, go to Checklists –> Sector Checklists –> (Sector) in GreenBizTracker
  4. Businesses don’t have to achieve certification, but they must complete all the measures in the Efficiency sector to be eligible for a rebate. Use the Answer Export in GreenBizTracker (Checklists –> Answer Export) to verify.
  5. Receipts must be provided for each expense.
  6. The expense must be incurred between May 1, 2020 and June 30th, 2021.
  7. Rebates are subject to availability of funds. Email bwright@environmentalin.com to check availability of funds or to make other inquiries about the rebate process.
Which measure did this purchase help the business to complete?

From the main navigation bar: Select 'Checklists' --> 'Sector Checklists' --> Click on the eye to view.

Your signature serves to verify that all the information contained in this form is accurate and in accordance with the rules of the CAGBN Rebate Program as outlined above.