Turn the Tide on Plastic

Reducing Single-use Plastic in the Monterey Bay Area


Pollution from single-use plastic litters our communities and often ends up in waterways harming ecosystems, the wildlife that live in these areas, and can break down and enter the food chain. Production and disposal of disposable foodware also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, disproportionately harming communities of color. For these reasons, many jurisdictions in the Monterey Bay Area are implementing foodware ordinances to switch to reusable and more environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Understanding these ordinances and what you need to do to be in compliance can be confusing. The Turn the Tide on Plastic program aims to make the switch to reusables and complying with your local foodware ordinance easy by providing resources for food facilities to find compliant foodware, understand what each ordinance requires, access signage to encourage your customers to bring their own cups and containers, and download case studies from businesses that have switched to reusables.


Purchasing Guide

Purchasing Guide

Find compliant to-go
and reusable foodware

Ordinance Guide

Ordinance Guide

Find out what is required
for your business



Download signs for
your restaurant

Case Studies

Case Studies

Download reusable foodware
case studies




  • DeJa Blue - City of Seaside

    “I like them, they look great. I’ve been telling other restaurants that they will save and it’ll look nicer.”

    Darryl – Owner
    DeJa Blue, Seaside CA

  • Red’s Donuts

    “It makes us proud to know we are making a difference for a better sustainable world.
    There is still a long road ahead, but taking the initiative is the most important.”

    Ericka Perez – Owner
    Red’s Donuts, Seaside CA

  • Crispian Bakery

    “The switch to reusables has been smooth. It’s not hard and our water use has barely gone up.”

    Beth Woulfe – Owner
    Crispian Bakery, Alameda CA

  • The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

    “I have wanted to make these changes for a while now and some of the changes I haven’t even thought of before,
    so I am glad to have signed up for this program.”

    AJ Barish – Owner
    The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa, Culver City CA

  • Hang Ten Boiler

    “The changes took some time getting used to. Now staff are adjusting nicely.
    We overcame the impact on labor with education, training, and managing.”

    Mai Wong – Owner
    Hang Ten Boiler, Alameda CA

  • New York Pizza

    “I think this is a good thing. Customers were actually complaining about the plastic utensils. Now we actually get good feedback that people like the changes. I’ve been telling the other New York Pizza locations, and they are interested in doing the same.”

    Irvin Mendoza – Owner
    New York Pizza, Alameda CA