Eastern Sierra
Green Business Program

  • Black Tie Ski Rentals

    "The timing of the local launch of the green business program worked out very well for us. The cert process helped us to stay organized and focused in the implementation of a variety of initiatives and also prompted us to think of other ideas and adjustments we could make as a company."

    Colin Fernie, Business Owner
    Mammoth Lakes
  • Green Fox Events & Guest Services

    "I think our certification speaks to many of our potential clients who share the same values as we... Now, we are not just one business trying to make a difference. We feel part of a larger movement…one that we hopes gains traction."

    Sandra DiDomizio, Business Owner
    Mammoth Lakes
  • In Line Chiropractic

    "It was a natural decision to make the commitment to become a Green Business as the principles align with my own everyday life. The process was not difficult, just patience and time."

    Shanna Bissonette, Owner
    Mammoth Lakes
  • Indy Coffee Roasting Company

    "Being green is the way to go. It's how we love and honor our community, our state and our country."

    Gunner Conway-Davenport, Business Owner