Santa Cruz County
Green Business Program

Green Business Mixer

Mixers are one of the many benefits of getting your business certified as a Green Business. They are an excellent opportunity to network and mingle with other local businesses certified as sustainable. Mixers typically occur at certified venues like Discretion Brewing and feature low-waste food. Raffle prizes and live music add to the lively atmosphere - our mixers are a celebration and a moment to recognize our business' hard work and dedication to sustainability.

  • Discretion Brewing

    At Discretion we care deeply for the world we live in and believe our beer should be responsibly-made. That’s why our beer is crafted from 100% organic malts and hops and why we harness the power of the sun to brew our beer.

    Capitola, CA
  • Gino's Carco Santa Cruz

    A Pioneer Recycler since 1945, Environmental Integrity and Sustainability have been our Core Founding Business Principles. By the very nature of our 100% recycling business and through innovations, we preserve natural resources, achieve zero waste and carbon neutrality for a healthier planet.

    Santa Cruz County, CA
  • Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce

    The Chamber is dedicated to operating sustainably. They replaced all of their ceiling fixtures with new LED lighting and replaced the toilet to a low flow one. They use only 100% recycled printer cartridges, and paper and use only certified green cleaning supplies.

    Scotts Valley, CA
  • Sharp Quick Mobile Knife Sharpening

    We embody the right to repair movement by sharpening old tools, such as knives, scissors, and tools for gardening and woodworking, which might otherwise end up in the landfill. Our mobile business is solar powered and we work at various locations such as farmers markets and local grocery stores.

    Santa Cruz County, CA
  • Bay Photo

    Photo processing is not an inherently green business, nonetheless, they have been recognized by the Green Business Program for reducing water consumption, retrofitting lights and other equipment to conserve energy and reducing solid waste going to landfill by minimizing waste and recycling more.

    Santa Cruz County, CA
  • Boulder Creek Elementary School

    The goal of becoming certified by the Green Business Program was to support the county’s schools as they evolve into "Green Schools" that model wise resource use, eliminate waste, reduce non-point source pollution, and train students to conserve scarce resources like energy and water. 

    Boulder Creek, CA
  • Catalpa Street Garage

    One reason I decided to certify my auto repair shop as a Green Business is the thought many people have about repair shops being dirty. I wanted to change the thought and image of this stereotype. I created a shop that is not only visually clean, but we also do our part [for the environment].

    Vic Leon, Owner and Operator
    Santa Cruz County