County of Santa Clara's Very Small Quantity Generator Disposal Program (VSQG)

If your business qualifies as a Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG), you have the opportunity to participate in our program.  To qualify, you must generate less than 220 lbs., or 27 gallons of hazardous waste per month, or less than 2.2 lbs. of Extremely Hazardous Waste per month.

Common hazardous waste accepted include:  

  • Mercury-containing products such as Fluorescent Lamps, Thermometers, and Batteries.
  • Propane Tanks, Helium Tanks, and Aerosol Cans.
  • Automotive Fluids including Motor Oil, Lubricants, Oil Filters, and Antifreeze.
  • Landscaping Chemicals including Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, and Fertilizers.
  • Latex and Oil-Based Paint as well as Paint-Related Materials such as Stains, Varnishes, Roofing Tar, Adhesives, Joint Compounds, and other Petroleum-Based Products.
  • Developer and Fixer.
  • Acids, Bases, Oxidizers, and Swimming Pool Chemicals.
  • Solvents, Flammable Solids and Liquids, and Detergents.

To find out more information and steps to participate, visit Drop off business waste | Household Hazardous Waste | County of Santa Clara (santaclaracounty.gov)

Free Water Saving Resources from Valley Water

Did you know Valley Water offers free water conservation devices that can help you save water? You can qualify for:

  • High-Efficiency Faucet Aerators – 0.5 gallons per minute for bathroom sinks and 1.5 gallons per minute for kitchen sinks
  • Pre-Rinse Sprayers – 1.15 gallons per minute for commercial kitchens
  • Low Flow Showerheads - 1.75 gallons per minute 
  • Tools to monitor and fix irrigation
  • Many other resources!

Check out Valley Water's Shopping Cart website to order water saving devices and information for commercial, industrial, institutional, and multifamily properties here!

To learn more and find out about other water saving resources, check out https://www.valleywater.org/saving-water/commercial

Recycle Leftover Paint with PaintCare

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