The San Diego Regional Green Business Network (SDRGBN), a program of USGBC California (USGBC-CA), is part of the California Green Business Network (CAGBN), a network of local programs throughout California.

The SDRGBN provides resources, assistance and evaluations to businesses that want to operate more sustainably in order to conserve resources, generate savings, and gain certification and recognition.

We work with businesses in cities and unincorporated areas throughout the County of San Diego to operate in an environmentally-responsible manner, and recognize them for their efforts. 

Our program requires a small fee that is valid for 3 years until it is time to recertify. Fees are determined based on your business type and square footage.

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Donate to Support Local Businesses

The SDRGBN and USGBC-CA have been working with local businesses and organizations to help them save money and protect, preserve, and improve the environment. More certified businesses mean more energy and water savings, more waste reduction and recycling, and less air and water pollution. Your donation will help us serve small businesses, in diverse communities, throughout the county.

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Here are examples of what your gift could do:

$100 : Boost the recruitment of new businesses

$250 : Provide additional one-on-one technical assistance

Thank you for your tax-deductible donation! Please contact greenbizsd@usgbc-ca.org for more information about the benefits of sponsoring our program.