K-12 School Baseline Survey


Information from the following survey will be used to help calculate a score using your utility data and EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager. 

Here are a few tips for filling out the baseline survey for grocery stores:

Gross Floor Area should include all space within the building(s), including the sales floor, offices, storage areas, kitchens, staff break rooms, and stairwells.

Properties that are primarily grocery/supermarket, but also include some non-food retail (e.g. a grocery store that has aisles stocked with clothing, books and/or novelty items) should not break out these retail spaces a separate use type.

Do not break out office space, break rooms, or other spaces typically found in retail stores. They should be included in the retail space square footage.

This glossary defines the terms in more detail, if needed.


Additional Information

The following information is optional and not used to calculate a score, but it may inform future analysis and serve to help you manage and compare your properties.