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The California Green Business Network leads the state and nation in working with small to medium sized businesses to create a vibrant green economy. Led by a coalition of cities and counties, we contribute by helping to make our communities healthier and more livable while also conserving resources and saving money.

Why Join?

There are many benefits to getting recognized as a green business. Here are the three most important reasons.

Green Business
is Smart Business

When customers see that you are GREEN certified, they know you’re more than just a business. You are a solution to a real environmental challenge. That translates into dollars and good sense.

Great for
the Environment

Conserving energy, water, and resources is great for the environment. The California Green Business Network will show you how. You know what else it’s great for? Your bottom line.

Great for

Businesses enroll in our program for many different reasons. Some come for the rebates, some do it because it’s the right thing to do. All businesses stay for the networking and the sense of community. As we build a greener, more vibrant economy, communities thrive.

A Vast Network of Green Businesses

Innovative businesses in the Green Business Network have discovered that it’s possible to find sustainable, zero-net solutions and social equity in their businesses.  Become an innovator and join a network of prominent and highly respected businesses in your community.

“Running a busy business while achieving certification was possible with the excellent support and help of the GBC team.”

David Woodbury
Arthur Murray Dance Center, Santa Monica
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“Since we were already doing most of what was required it was an easy process. The main fix we did was changing out our lights and we like them a lot!”

Albert's Organics, 2450 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz
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“Customers love walking into the deli and seeing that we have joined the outstanding ranks of the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. It has been an awesome opportunity to learn and train the staff in Green Business Practices and how important that is to our environment.”

Elsa Roybal, Manager Erik's Deli
Erik's Deli Cafe, 155 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz
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“We are proud to be the first certified green salon and we encourage all our colleagues to join in this beneficial and simple program. Oasis Hair and Skin Care is dedicated to creating a green, relaxing, rejuvenating environment where your beauty and well being are our priorities.”

Wendy Rae Johnson & Pamela Freitas, Co-Owner
Oasis Hair and Skin Care, 1664 Soquel Drive, Soquel
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“Being a Green Business establishes with the community at large that I care about our environment and that our business takes great pains to keep our automotive repair business as environmentally friendly as we can.”

Kevin Donahue, Owner
Pacific Motor Service, 550 E. Franklin St., Monterey
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“Becoming a Green Business was simply a smarter strategy for us, it has helped us save money and attract great clients and employees.  It has made our work environment more pleasant, people-friendly and fun!”

Christian Forthomme, President and CEO
Real Change Network Inc, 10096 Soquel Drive, Suite 10 Aptos
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“It’s been good for our business and we’ve been surprised by how many customers have been impressed and happy that we are a Green Business.”

Ricky Pearce, Owner
Rick's Auto Shop, 1050 B 17th Aveune, Santa Cruz
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“This process has been so wonderful because we were able to make changes that were good for the earth and at the same time save money. What could be better than that!”

Jackie Seymour, Church member
Skyland Community Church, 25100 Skyland Road, Los Gatos
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“When we’re all done with this, we’ll probably be saving an average of $15,000 to $20,000 a year through a reduction in energy use, waste generation with trash pickups, water usage, copy paper reduction, etc.,”

Mike Hendrick, General Manager
The Santa Ynez Valley Marriott
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“It was an amazing experience of constant learning which I was able to apply right away. It gave me the tools I needed to teach my crew and instill a cultural change that we are very proud of and that our client base is very impressed with.”

Matias Bordaverri
Whisk Catering (Redwood City)
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“Being a green business is who we are, but getting certified as an official Green Business helps customers understand that there’s measurable actions behind our commitments.”

Christopher Wu
Paper Culture (Millbrae)
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“Our Green Business Coordinator has been really helpful at providing links to recycling services we didn’t even know existed and we feel we are part of a larger team working towards our collective sustainable goals. An added benefit of being a Certified Green Business is the fact that we are raising our employees’ awareness which in turn benefits them to make a positive change in their own homes and communities!”

Theresa Lyngso
Lyngso Garden Materials (San Carlos)
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“Enrolling in the San Mateo Country Green Business Program was one of the smartest investments I could make for my business and for the environment! Practicing environment stewardship is reward enough, but it’s a bonus that the business is benefitting from reduced costs associated with waste removal, facilities upkeep, etc.”

Kelly Zeytoonian
Starwood Equine Veterinary Services (Woodside)
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